ARTIFICIAL PLANTS SYDNEY is the premier online retailer of artificial plants in Australia. If you are looking for superior quality artificial plants from a seller based in Australia, take a look through our extensive range.

Our selection of artificial plants are chosen from the absolute best craftspeople to ensure our customers in Australia are receiving the most realistic and highest quality artificial plants for your home or business. Popular artificial plants in our range include Bamboos, Palms, Ficus, Cycads, Agaves, Ferns, and Orchids. Our online store has a huge range of plants, trees, garlands, hanging baskets and potted artificial plants.

Our warehouse sends artificial plants Australia wide, and we use a reliable freight service for fast shipping to your destination in 2 to 5 business days. We supply artificial plants to enhance the interior areas of your home, select from stunning indoor plants to brighten up a corner, or a potted fern for a tabletop display. Make a statement in your home’s entrance way, while overcoming the hassles of caring for a living plant’s water and light requirements. A pair of topiary trees look amazing in pots near your front door, your visitors won’t even know they are artificial plants!

Our Artificial plants add interest to retail spaces, offices, hotels and restaurants. Contact us for a custom order to compliment your interior design project in Australia. The selection of styles, sizes, and lifelike detail in our handcrafted plants makes us a leading retailer in Australia.

If you have any question feel free to contact us on 0408 417 888

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